Welcome to the New World.

New World Podcast
3 min readJan 8, 2021

Welcome to the New World Podcast, a Gen Z focused platform to discuss, convene and debate various issues surrounding the trends of the post-2020 world, which we have dubbed here as the new world. Topics range from tech and philosophy to society and politics.

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Nice right, But why the New World?

As mentioned above the motivation for naming our podcast “New World Podcast” came out of the horrendous year we all just went through. We saw many of our institutions that we normally take for granted completely collapse at the hands of the most drastic crisis the world has witnessed in modern times.

It is said that after every major event, there is a change in the various circles of human life, namely the economy, culture, family life and education. Take the 2008 Great Recession, as an example, which hit Wall Street hard and plummeted markets into the ground eerily resembling that of the Great Depression in 1929. Americans lost more than $9.8 trillion in their savings, as the value of assets downturned, or as they transitioned to liability status due to outstanding debts. After this, the general populous began to collectively agree that corrupt bankers and perverse lending policies victimized much of the middle class, leading them spiraling downwards in debt.

Out of this crisis, the public began to raise their fists to bankers, and Wall Street tied up in “sketchy” dealings was also in the hot seat. There was a sense of distrust brewing between regular every day people and the elite bankers, along with government policies which ultimately led to this crisis. Culturally we saw two movements begin to brew at the same time; the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and the Tea Party Movement. The former initially called for well intentioned government reforms into Wall Street’s crony deals in Washington, however the narrative quickly began to shift towards the far-left perspectives of young people at the time to “Fix Capitalism”. The latter began the process of holding mass government spending accountable, pointing fingers at the unelected central bankers who dictated interest rates and manipulated currency value, calling for a decrease in their hold over an economy that no longer was a “free market”.

2008 created ripple effects in families everywhere, from unemployment to career transitioning and controlled spending. Crises such as 2008 shape an entire generations’ outlook on life, often acting as a subconscious voice speaking to us right before we embark on any major life decision.

2020 however was filled with much more drama, not just in the economy, but also amongst families who had to bear the brunt of the new definition of what it means to “work”. Mass unemployment returned and on a bigger scale we saw our governments fail to deploy effective yet logical plans of attack to address this crisis. Trends which were already moving in a disruptive direction became exasperated, from social unrest and global political instability to an increase in innovation and the building of new ideas, models and technologies to address the overwhelming demand of everyday people.

Enter Gen Z

Out of the entirety of this crisis, the most victimized and damaged group of individuals is Gen Z, a generation still in the midst of education and who lives in what already seemed to be an uncertain time for their economic futures. Pairing this with ravaging social unrest, anxiety, rise of exponential technologies, the fear of being displaced and not belonging the hurdles, this generation really has their hands full.

Thus, the New World podcast seeks to provide a medium by which these conversations can be heard and analyzed. Prior to this there hadn’t been a market solution to address these concerns, whether they be podcast or conventional education. The goal of this podcast is to empower Gen Z with the conversations, tools and perspectives that can help them straighten their path and incentivize them to rebuild a New World born from the death of parts of the Old.

Stay tuned for reminders on episode release, guests and other important updates.

Welcome to the New World…



New World Podcast

Tune in for amazing conversations through the lens of Gen Z including rising trends, technologies and societal issues heading into the new world post-2020.